Bathtubs: Adding Functionality And Style With A New Tub

Bathtubs: Adding Functionality And Style With A New Tub

After a hard day’s work with sore and aching body muscles, nothing beats a long and relaxing soak in a hot tub. When you take a hot bath, it won’t just relieve the pain and physical discomfort, but it also reduces stress levels. Besides keeping you and the family clean, you can also use the tub for washing the family pets.


Therefore, getting a suitable bathtub is important. With an abundance of styles which feature clawfoot, freestanding and soaking tubs, the kind you install in your bathroom will largely be based on how much space you got, and your individual preferences.

Whether yours is a new bathroom or a remodel, consider some of these questions as you look for that ideal family tub:

  • Where are you going to locate the bathtub?
  • How much space do you have available in that location?
  • How often is the tub likely to be used daily, and for what?
  • What material and colour looks best?
  • What bathtub style or design best fits your theme?

Materials and Features of Bathtubs, Sydney

The tub material you choose will be determined largely by how often the tub is used and of course by your individual style, tastes and preferences. You may want to have a closer look at your bathroom décor and establish the style and colour which best complements the current design scheme.

  1. If you wish to have a fully customized bathtub, get a skilled contractor to build one for you that is lined with ceramic or mosaic tiles. Yes, it may mean digging deeper into your wallet, but what you’ll get is a unique and beautiful finish.
  1. If your family has an elderly member or somebody with special physical needs, get a bathtub meets that their needs and which is also in compliance with the Disabilities Act of 2006. Such tubs will have features like grab bars that make it easier for them to get in and out.bathtubs-sydney-picture-2-located-at-113a-Willoughby-Road-Crows-Nest-NSW-2065
  1. If you want that ultimate comfort and relaxation, nothing would be better than ending your long hard day as you soak in a soothing whirlpool. You may go for one having customizable jets as well as other special features that make your bathing experience more enjoyable.
  1. If your tub is going to be used every day by several family members and for washing the pets, you may want to go for durable materials as they will withstand the heavy use better.

Installation and Safety Considerations

Before to finally pay for that new bathtub, it’s essential that you take some time and reflect on several physical issues like:

  • The positioning of the drains.
  • Amount of space available.
  • Location of bathroom doors and other existing bathroom physical features.

Keep in mind that in Australia, there are specific regulations and rules governing how your power outlets and switches may be positioned in relation to your water fixtures as contained in Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 of 2007.

The installation of a bathtub requires a great amount of work meant to last for many years. It is therefore wise that you ensure what you are having installed has the features and style you want now and for the coming good number of years.

A tub is not something you install today and have replaced six months down the line!